Live your life trough video games

When it comes to video games, a lot of people are not that happy about them. On the other hand, most kids are playing video games daily and it seems that they enjoy it. I was watching my son playing video games for a few weeks and I gave it a shot and actually liked it. What I most like about video games is that you can experience something that you can’t in real life and that’s awesome.

Best games you should try

Here I will list some games that you should try to play and it will hopefully help you out in life by exploring, learning and enjoying more. Well, first game is Sims 4. It’s a game where you create yourself and you create your own family and house. There, you can try to invest, build or make another baby. It really gives you a lot of freedom. I use this game mostly because of the decorations. I built my own house, just like I have and then I decorate it a bit different and then I see how it looks like. If you don’t have a good computer I really recommend playing Ourworld game. If you’re looking for some cheats, you can find cheats here. That blog is really useful and I hope that you’ll find some good stuff there just like I did. Ourworld is just like Sims, but it’s free and you don’t have to pay. Also, you can play that game on any computer. All you need is a web browser and that’s it, no installation.

What did I learn from playing video games?

You’re probably thinking that you actually can’t learn anything from video games and if you are, then I have to tell you that you’re wrong and that you can actually learn a lot just by playing video games. You can learn a lot about people, you can learn a lot about history by playing certain games, as in this post, you can learn a lot about life just by playing Sims (or if you don’t have the money or the computer just play ourworlds). You see, all you gotta do is give games a fighting chance and that’s it. I’m sure that you’re learn something great.


Welcome to my website!

This is my first post here and this will be the “welcome” or the “introduction” post. If you’re wondering what types of post you will find here, well, you will find a lot of cool stuff. I will try to post some simple life tips that will make your life easier. I will be talking from games, to cooking so make sure to stay tuned for a lot of tips. By using the tips I’m going to share here, you will have a lot better life and you will learn some shortcuts that you can use in your daily life. If you like what you see on this blog, please consider sharing it around. The more people know this, the easier life gets so, pass on!